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Hearing tests

Take back control of your hearing

Get a free hearing test and comprehensive hearing health check.

At Kelso Hearing Centre, we’re committed to helping people hear better, for longer.


Hearing loss is more common than you think, and does not only affect older adults. In fact, 1 in 6 UK adults are living with some degree of hearing impairment.


While hearing loss can occur suddenly, it is far more common for the decline in hearing to develop gradually. Many people who live with  hearing loss may not even be aware there is a problem, until the symptoms become more severe. Regular hearing tests are the key to keeping you actively social through early intervention if needed.



When was your last hearing test?


You wouldn’t go for years without a medical check-up. Does your hearing deserve less care? Though it's recommended you have regular hearing exams, many people allow five to ten years to pass without getting a test. During which time, mild hearing loss could become moderate, or severe.


If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it’s time to book a hearing health check:


  • Do you often find yourself turning up the volume on your radio or TV?

  • Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves?

  • Do other people complain that you speak too loudly?

  • Is it a challenge to maintain a conversation in crowded places?

  • Do you sometimes find you need to watch a person’s face to understand them?




At Kelso Hearing Centre, we care about each patient’s unique hearing challenges. During your appointment we’ll take a medical history and find out about any hearing difficulties you have been experiencing. Then, we’ll conduct a range of simple tests to determine your current hearing level and talk you through the results.


If your test results indicate that you’re suffering with hearing loss, we will discuss available treatment options to find the best possible course of action for your hearing needs and lifestyle.



Book an appointment for your FREE hearing test today:

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